Sertom bending machine

bending machine, Sertom made in Italy experience

A bending machine is a forming machine tool. Its purpose is to assemble a bend on a workpiece. A bends is manufactured by using a bending tool during a linear or rotating move.

One of the most credible Italian companies about bending machines is Sertom M.M. S.p.A.

bending machine
bending machine

The company was born in May 1960 thanks to Tommaso Saravesi. Seravesi conceived the construction of a motorized, big, modern and technologically advanced device: the mythical pyramidal roll plate bending machine “Mary”, a real novelty for the period.

Tommaso Seravesi gives a new name to the company and in 1964 SERTOM was born, starting to export worldwide its machines.

Nowadays Sertom can offer a real Worldwide Sale Network and the company from Brescia city is an exporting leader of bending machines.

Among the most important types of bending rolls machines you can quote:

EMO, the hydraulic plate roll 3 rolls variable axis with an absolute pre-bending, designed to bend plates of medium/big thicknesses.

RIMI3RP, the hydraulic machine, capable of obtaining bent plates, cones or polycentric pipes.

RIMI 4RV BULL, the 4 rolls hydraulic plate rolls. This is one of the most robust machines produced by Sertom.

The RIMI 4RP K models are new designed machine, capable of obtaining bent plates, cones or polycentric pipes.

In conclusion if you need a bending machine and you want to try the Italian excellence, Sertom is the perfect producer you can count on.

The website of the Company is there:



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