mosaic floor tiles, mosaic tile designs

mosaic floor tiles mosaic tile designs

Appiani is world leader in mosaic floor tiles. The brand was founded in Treviso in 1873. Nowadays Appiani is an important part of Altaeco Group, the ceramics world leader company whose headquarters are set in Vittuone (Milan). Appiani focuses its value on mosaic tiles designs, offering mosaic tiles for different applications.

tiles Italy, the Italian ceramic tiles

tiles italy by Bardelli

Searching for tiles Italy ? You can find many Italian ceramic tiles manufacturers in Italy. We would suggest some of them in this post.

First of all what is a tile?

tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone or metal. The origins of this word have many roots. The latin ‘tegula’ means quite precisely a roof tile of baked clay. The english tile can be used for any kind of earthenware slab applied to
any surface of a building. The word ‘ceramic’ comes from the greek word ‘keramos’ meaning pottery, it is related to an old sanskrit root meaning ‘to burn’ but was primarily used to mean ‘burnt stuff’.  It’s since 4000 years that men are realizing ceramic tiles. Beautiful tiled surfaces have been found in the oldest pyramids, the ruins of babylon, and ancient ruins of greek cities too.

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Italian excellences

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