Do you need an exotic place or an exotic beach to stay for your holidays but you still need to speak Italian ? we suggest Cape Verde as the place to travel; officialy just 293 Italians reside in Cape Verde but the Italians have a major presence in relationship to other countries.

Cape Verde is an Archipelago of nine/ten islands in West Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal. Cape Verde or Cabo Verde is part of the Islands collectively known as Macaronesia and got its name from the Portugueses, who called it so for the opposite peninsula of Cap Verd (Senegal), the westernmost point of Africa.

This archipelago was discovered in 1456 by Antonio and Bartolomeo da Noli, two Italian explorers at the service of Portugal, the islands obtained the indipendence from Portugal in 1975.

Spinguera Ecolodge

Spinguera Ecolodge

The Archipelago islands can be divided into two distinct groups based on the local winds: the Ilhas do “Barlovento” to the North and “Sotavento” Islands to the south.

Cape Verde is a nice place for travelling.

The charming resort Spinguera offers the possibility of a holiday in Cape Verde in the heart of its most authentic atmosphere. Spinguera ecolodge is not just a hotel in the desert, but a project born from the love for the island of Boavista and for its population.